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Thomas & Friends - Exciting Friends

Episode 801

Thomas and the Tuba - It's Lady Hatt's birthday, and Thomas has to transport a brass band from the docks. When Thomas leaves the tuba player behind, he has to search the island high and low. Everything seems lost until Thomas comes up with a plan - follow the sound of the tuba! Peace and Quiet - Murdoch loves peace and quiet, but the other engines on the Island of Sodor are just too loud. When Murdoch gets stuck in the countryside with some noisy sheep for a day, the other engines' chatter suddenly doesn't seem that bad. Percy's New Whistle - Percy causes so much havoc with his whistle that he triggers a giant snowball that traps him on his line. Sir Topham Hatt is angry and warns him that whistles are for safety. Percy tries not to use his whistle until he sees Thomas heading for trouble. This time Percy is right to whistle, and he saves the day.

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