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Thomas & Friends - Kindness With Friends

Episode 802

Thomas to the Rescue - Thomas is scared when Diesel tells him that steam engines will be scrapped for being old fashioned. When the diesel engines receive a batch of bad fuel, they start to break down. Thomas is sent to fetch some new diesel fuel quickly. Even devious Diesel has to admit that Thomas is a Really Useful Engine! Emily's New Coaches - Emily has just arrived on the Island of Sodor when she upsets Thomas and takes his coaches by mistake. But after Emily saves Thomas from a crash, he forgives her, and she is rewarded with her own coaches and won't mistakenly take Annie and Clarabel again. Henry and the Wishing Tree - Henry hopes for a change of jobs and makes a wish at the Island of Sodor wishing tree. When his wish comes true, things aren't quite as he expected. He learns to be careful what he wishes for in future.

  • Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 11:00 AM EST - KIDS360
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