Recipes for Public Television-inspired Essential Fall Soups

At long last, my favorite time of the year has arrived! Warm and cozy family time, with sweaters appropriate for the season. The trees in my yard have a golden tinge and pots simmering with cinnamon, apples, and cloves sit atop my stovetop. It’s full-on fall around me!

What tastes like fall? Well, soups, of course! Do you have a fall favorite? If not, we’ve got plenty of options. You may want to go straight to the utmost expert on soups. Take a trip through the PBS time portal and watch Soup Day with Julia Child! If you are looking for fun with your youngest, a game of Soups Up can help pick your ingredients.

Still looking for inspiration and need help figuring out what ingredients to add? A stone could be that ingredient. What…? A Stone? Yes! Read Along with Between the Lions and a silly take on a classic story, Stone Soup!

Food traditions worldwide have wonderful soup recipes with seasonal ingredients. My family favorite is Matzo Ball Soup. Not only do we make it for holidays, but it is also perfect when a loved one is under the weather. Here is a recipe for you to try from WUNC-TV’s  from Somewhere South. Are you looking for a vegetarian option? Check out the Kitchen Explorers version from PBS Food.

You do not need a stone to have a splendid soup. It just shows how versatile soup and stew recipes can be. Check out PBS.orgPBS Parents, and PBS Learning Media for more recipes and other great content.