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Civil War 1, soldier caricatures

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Antiques Roadshow | Antique Roadshow | 8-12

During the Civil War, Union soldier Fernando Robbins was captured by the Confederates and imprisoned. Robbins kept a diary while in prison, writing about the conditions he faced and the people he met. He collected numerous other artifacts during his time in the South, including a small Confederate flag, a stencil of his name, and several pieces that he carved while in prison. These items were passed down through the Robbins family, along with a photograph that shows him in uniform.

Share this video from Antiques Roadshow with your class as they examine some of these artifacts alongside appraisers. This “unique archive” offers an illuminating historical glimpse into the experiences of a Union solder who served time as a prisoner of war.

The Civil War
| Crash Course | 9-13+

In which John Green teaches about the Civil War. In part one of our two part look at the US Civil War, John looks into the causes of the war, and the motivations of the individuals who went to war. John also looks into why the North won, and whether that outcome was inevitable. The North’s industrial and population advantages are examined, as are the problems of the Confederacy, including its need to build a nation at the same time it was fighting a war. As usual, John doesn’t get much into the actual battle by battle breakdown. He does talk a little about the overarching strategy that won the war, and Grant’s plan to just overwhelm the South with numbers. Grant took a lot of losses in the latter days of the war, but in the end, it did lead to the surrender of the South.

Lincoln’s Words at Gettysburg
| PBS LearningMedia | 13+

Ken Burns’s documentary, The Address follows the students of the Greenwood School as they uncover the meaning behind President Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg. This webinar gives you the opportunity to hear from Stewart Miller, the Headmaster of the Greenwood School, and Greg Timmons, the curriculum expert behind the resources that accompany the film. Hear how Stewart was able to capture and foster his students’ curiosity about Lincoln’s celebrated words and discover the rich collection of materials that Greg developed to help you engage your own students. This webinar was recorded on April 14, 2014.

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