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Math Mentors

View a screencast of the Math Mentors project.

Welcome to WFSU’s Kindergarten Math Mentors Program! Math Mentors is linked to the Florida Mathematics Standards for Kindergarten and is organized according to the chapters in Go Math by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Grounded in research-based principles of peer teaching, Math Mentors is a highly motivating way to review the day’s lesson or reinforce previously taught skills. Math Mentors can be modified to meet your particular needs. Parents can easily follow the session activities, so think out-of-the-box!

How to Use the Math Mentors Program in Your Classroom:

IMPORTANT: View the Math Mentors docs and lesson chart.

Here’s how Math Mentors works: Kindergarten students are mentored one-on-one by students in an upper grade (for example, 4th). Mentors are provided a folder of learning materials and an Activity and Game Log to document what was accomplished during the session. Learning materials include vocabulary lists, practice worksheets, links to Scholastic mini- books, and a selection of highly engaging online learning games from PBS KIDS. Mentors coach their mentees through the activity list and check off each activity completed. At the end of each session, students earn a sticker for completed work, which they can place in the PBS Superstar Sticker column! All practice activities go home with the kindergarten students. Virtually everything you need for Math Mentors is provided on this page. All you need to add is a sheet of small reward stickers, and of course…kids!

Flip Your Math Classroom:
What a super way to provide home practice for the day’s math lesson! Provide parents with the materials below and direct them to this website.

Homeschool Settings:
Use parts, or all, of this framework as a supplement to your curriculum.

Activity and Game Log – Florida Standards
Math Mentors Table of Contents
Math Mentors Information Sheet