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martha speaks training workshopWFSU-TV was one of eleven member stations in the US selected by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS KIDS to receive a Ready To Learn (RTL) grant funded by the US Department of Education.

You may be wondering what makes WFSU so special to receive this national attention? We believe it’s many things! However, one of the most compelling reasons is clear when comparing our 31% (2014 US Census) local poverty rate with the national rate, which was just below 15%. Because PBS Kids reaches more children in low-income homes than any other children’s TV network, WFSU’s work is critical for large-impact on a viewing audience but also provides small scale implementation of best educational practices that combine media and solid teaching. The models that PBS and WFSU develop and implement are used for large-scale sharing on a nationwide level.

The best news is that RTL awards sustain and develop many of WFSU’s outreach programs and initiatives which target low-income areas and Title 1 schools. Throughout the grant period and beyond, WFSU will implement our tried and true hands-on collaborations with schools and informal educational organizations in and out of the classroom. At the same time WFSU will expand on exciting new opportunities for professionals and educators. These opportunities include the information you will find on this page about our workshop programs.

PBS Kids ScratchJR Workshops
Does the word “coding” scare you? Does it invoke visions of unintelligible green, flickering letters and numbers on a screen? WFSU and PBS Kids to the rescue! PBS KIDS developed ScratchJR in collaboration with MIT and Tufts to quell fears and make coding not only fun, but an integral part of a digital natives learning tool box. Intended for children ages 5-8, the app gives users the ability to create their own stories while also learning the fundamental concepts of coding. We’ll show you how to navigate this exciting new app and provide you with materials for teaching your own coding classes (we will even provide the tablets for the training) in these cutting edge professional development experiences.

Math Mentors Workshops
Our RTL Grant funding from 2010-2015 enabled WFSU to do some wonderful things, one of which is our Math Mentors Program. Created with content from both PBS KIDS Lab and Go Math! by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, plus a lot of help from seasoned Astoria Park Elementary teaching professionals, Math Mentors is a state standard approved peer-teaching program developed by WFSU for Kindergarten students. In these trainings, we’ll show you how this program can be used as intended, as well as the ways in which it can be modified depending on your learning objectives.

PBS Learning Media Workshops
The digi-child of PBS and WGBH, PBS Learning Media is a mecca of National and Common Core State Standard approved educational content that’s available for free for all educators. Florida teachers are further gifted by the generosity of our Florida State Legislature, as they have funded all Florida teachers to have access to the Custom Content of PBS Learning Media as well! During these workshops, we’ll show you much that Learning Media has to offer: over 100,000 innovative, easily integrated videos, games, audio clips, photos, and lesson plans supportive of PreK-16 instruction, and tools to create materials as well as organize the ready-made content you choose to use in your own classroom.

Sensational Science Camp with Ruff Ruffman

Resources from the Ruff Ruffman show crate an exciting camp experience for kids five to eight.

Odd Squad: Be the Agent Camp

t the “Be the Agent Camp,” children will take on the role of an Odd Squad Agent. Campers can spend five days as Odd Squad agents, solving odd cases and creating useful gadgets by using teamwork, math knowledge, science and more.

PBS KIDS ScratchJr Camp

Learn to code with PBS KIDS.