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Space Scout Summer Camp 2019

Past Event: 2019: Mon, Jun 10 9:00 am - Thu, Jun 13 1:00 pm

At Space Scout Camp, learn all about planet Earth alongside an alien from outer space! When Jet Propulsion and his family landed their flying saucer on Earth, they decided to stay a while. Magically, they morphed their flying saucer into a house and landed it in a vacant lot. Two neighbors, Sydney and Sean stood nearby, watching it happen. And instantly Jet became their best friend because who doesn’t want to be best friends with a space traveler?

If your child is a rising first or third grader with the motivation to shoot for the stars, consider signing them up! Have your child join Jet Propulsion from Ready Jet Go fr a out-of-this-world adventures this summer. Space Scout Summer Camp is available to Leon County School students June 10th through June 13th from 9:00 to 1:00pm at WFSU Public Media Station. The address is 1600 Red Barber Plaza. Your child’s spot at camp is free! Click here to apply now. Or, for more information please contact your gifted teacher or Hannah at and be sure to follow WFSU Education on Facebook.

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