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Cyberchase Green It Up Workshop

Join WFSU Public Media and special guest, Project Learning Tree, for a special workshop for 1st and 2nd Grade Teachers and parents of students. Learn how to get your students excited and engaged with the outdoors using Cyberchase: Green It Up program! This is a hands-on program designed for children ages 6-8 to inspire a deep appreciation for nature, build STEM skills, and help students feel empowered to take action in their communities to care for the planet, just like their favorite characters from Cyberchase.

Participants will receive Cyberchase: Green It Up materials in the mail to help them execute this program at home or in the classroom.  Participants will also receive access to the PLT PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide Online Course and e-book (all for free!)

About Cyberchase

Cyberchase, America’s longest-running math series, has engaged millions of children in the fun and challenge of math and STEM for more than 15 years. The animated series tells the story of a team of curious kids who are summoned into cyberspace to outwit and outsmart the villain Hacker using math and problem-solving skills. Cyberchase proves that math is everywhere, and everyone can use it to make the world better.


Mar 02 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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