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Martha Speaks Reading Buddies

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The Martha Speaks Reading Buddies program pairs kindergarten or 1st grade students (Little Buddies) with older students, usually 4th or 5th graders (Big Buddies).

In this 10-week program, first grade students team-up with older students to learn new vocabulary.

Buddies visit with each other once a week to learn special new vocabulary words. They use a variety of activities: watching clips of Martha Speaks, playing word games, and reading a book together. The buddies wrap up their meeting by completing a journal entry using their new vocabulary words.

As a result of “buddying up” for learning, research shows that wonderful things occur for both older and younger students.

Reading Buddies is part of the PBS Kids & WFSU Raising Readers project. Furthermore, funding from a grant gifted by the Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation (2009) and the State of Florida (2011) makes the program possible. If you are interested in supporting this wonderful project please contact WFSU Education.

Meeting Common Core Standards

The Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Program aligns with the Common Core State Standards. These Standards provide a clear focus of what students should learn at each grade level. English Language Arts Standards aims for students to gain exposure to a range of texts and tasks. The Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Program provides an ideal way for students to work toward this goal. The ten-week Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Program addresses the following Standards.

Download Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Program Common Core State Standards Alignment for Kindergarten, 1st, 4th, and 5th Grades: Martha-Speaks-Reading-Buddies-Standards-Relationship.pdf  (PDF)

Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Assessment Forms

Educators may use these forms to grade the value of Reading Buddy activities. Use them for both pre and post activity to gather information about learning achievements.

  • Please contact us if you are interested in these forms.

Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Teacher Materials


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