Anytime Program: Odd Squad Be the Agent Camp

  • About Odd Squad

    In the show, agents Olive and Otto investigate unusual phenomena around them and use math to set things right. For instance, they recapture a gallon-sized blob that has separated into smaller pieces and deal with magical creatures that escape from books. Therefore, there is no occurrence that is too strange for the Odd Squad.

    The ODD SQUAD television series is part of a multiplatform media experience that will include free interactive content online and on mobile. ODD SQUAD’s digital content will put kids in the driver’s seat, giving them the opportunity to sign up and join the Odd Squad, solve cases, and stop oddness, just like Olive and Otto. The show’s interactive features will include games, parent resources, mobile apps, and more.

    Learn more about the television program at

    About Odd Squad Be the Agent Camp

    Welcome to Odd Squad! We can’t wait for your kids to join us at the “Be the Agent Camp“ at WFSU.

    At the “Be the Agent Camp,” children will take on the role of agents Olive and Otto. Campers spend five days solving odd cases and making useful gadgets. They will learn all about teamwork, math, science inquiry practices, engineering, and creativity. By the end of the week, they will solve up to 10 cases, engineer several gadgets, and spend time having fun as a group.

    WFSU has been sharing this camp with local students since 2015. If you would like to partner with us, let us know by sending an email to Educators and parents can also access all the materials needed to implement this camp on their own.