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A family attends WFSU’s Be My Neighbor Day.

Hooray Parents! You choose WFSU! When you share the world of PBS with your children, you are boosting your child’s vocabulary, math skills and their understanding of themselves and the people around them. We delight in being such an important part of child’s life and when you watch PBS Kids programming and learn alongside your kiddo, you have recipes for outdoor and indoor adventures, cooking exploration, critter encounters and so much more.

Our programs, apps, websites and e-newsletters are all created just for you… and designed to take big emotions and experiences and make them into delicious bite-sized pieces, just perfect for your child’s growing body and mind! Thank you for being a lifelong PBS KID!

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Cyber Safety: Ages 5-8

Tips to make sure elementary-school-aged kids have online guidance.

Cyber Safety: Ages 9-12

Protect 9-12-year-olds online.

Cyber Safety: Ages 13+

Secure older children online.

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Hannah Power
Education & Outreach Coordinator

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Tasha Weinstein
Manager of Educational Outreach