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PBS Ready Jet Go! Space Camp

jet from ready jet go in yard

Coming Summer 2019

Curiosity about space starts very early. As soon as kids are old enough to look up at the night sky, they begin to wonder: what is up there? Is there life somewhere, impossibly far away? Can we get there? Who better to ask about space than someone who’s actually been there – an alien boy named Jet Propulsion! READY JET GO! is a kid’s first introduction to space, earth science, and technology, presented in an entertaining and engaging way that will inspire a life-long interest. Kids ages 3 to 8 will be learning alongside a seasoned space traveler. As an alien from Borton 7, Jet sees our Planet Earth like we want our kids to see it: with a sense of curiosity and wonder.

The educational mission of READY JET GO! is to build on children’s curiosity about astronomy and earth science, telling stories that feature characters learning about space in a way that is accessible to children.

Jet and his friends will continue to explore and investigate Space using the Science and Engineering Practices, but will engage in more backyard science with a greater focus on Earth Science and Engineering. Targeted to children ages 4 to 8, Ready Jet Go! Space Camp at WFSU will launch in 2019.

Learn more about Ready Jet Go! at If you would like to pilot this program with us during the Summer of 2019, let us know!

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