Preparing For Florida Hurricanes, Helping Children Cope

August 30, 2019

As summer lingers on, and schools start up, some of our worst hurricane fears start to enter our minds. As parents and educators, we know that our children are listening to the news and hearing stories from their friends. It can be a lot to manage. We just don’t know what might happen, and as many of our families have learned, sometimes the unthinkable does happen. Florida’s major storms have the potential to leave us in a much different place.

Here at WFSU, hurricane prep involves a lot more than anyone might realize! We are part of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network, which helps us to provide you with the latest information during a storm (yes, there is a free app for that, too). Some of our staff will be hunkered down during a major storm to give you and your loved ones up-to-date information, let you know where to get help, and to let you know what water-logged or tree-blocked areas of our communities to avoid. We also work with a number of community partners in an attempt to keep you safe and in-the-know.

As we know, during these scary events, children may have many questions or even fears. The education team has compiled a list of online resources that will help you to communicate with your children about disasters and how to cope with them.

Disaster Relief, Resources for Children

Disaster Relief, Resources for Parents

Stay safe neighbors! And look for the helpers….

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