Green It Up with Cyberchase

Green It Up with Cyberchase

Green It Up is a hands-on program designed by WNET for children ages 6-8 to inspire a deep appreciation for nature, build STEM skills, and help them feel empowered to take action in their communities to care for the planet, just like their favorite characters from Cyberchase.

About Cyberchase

Cyberchase, America’s longest-running math series, has engaged millions of children in the fun and challenge of math and STEM for more than 17 years. The animated series tells the story of a team of curious kids, summoned into cyberspace to outwit and outsmart the villain Hacker using math and problem-solving skills. Cyberchase proves that math is everywhere, and everyone can use it to make the world better.

Components of Cyberchase Green It Up

8 hands-on activity cards on different environmental topics. Each card includes an “Explore” activity (an experiment or craft) and a “Get Outside” activity (a mini field trip to explore the concept in an outdoor setting).
A Kids Can Help! poster with kid-friendly actions to help the environment.
● Related Cyberchase video clips that correspond with each activity
Take-home activity booklets that align with classroom activities

How Does Green It Up Work?

● Pick at least 4 activity cards that will work for your program. Include the “Big Finale” activity card as the last
session. Guide students through activities in any order, ending with the “Big Finale.”
● Pass out take-home activity booklets for families to follow along at home. Each card has a corresponding at-home
activity, labeled with the same image at the top. Check in regularly with families to see if they are completing activities at-home.
● Educators are encouraged to use Cyberchase video clips referenced in each activity to introduce topics,
give background, and engage students. Go to to find clips. Full episodes are also available at
● Use the links on to help you plan “Get Outside” activities. You’ll find links to websites that help you locate local farms, gardens, and parks, as well as more information on the environmental topics in the program.
● During the “Big Finale” activity, your students will have a chance to reflect on what they’ve learned. Share what your students create with families, school groups, and the rest of your community by emailing us photos or links to, and also with Cyberchase at