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Homelessness in Florida Schools

According to the 2014 Council on Homelessness report done by DCF, in the 2012-2013 school year, there were more than 70,000 homeless students in Florida Schools. Homelessness is, unfortunately, a prevalent issue in today’s world, and as an educator, you are likely to encounter a student who may be homeless. We have gathered a list of groups who are working to end homelessness on the local and state level, as well as compiled educator resources to start discussion in the classroom on homelessness.


The Homestretch on WFSU-TV

WFSU will broadcast “The Homestretch,” on Sunday, April 19 at 2:00 pm ET and 11:00 pm ET. “The Homestretch,” which is presented by Independent Lens, looks at the lives of three Chicago teens struggling with homelessness and reaching their dreams to succeed past high school. The film also focuses on a number of other dynamic issues – poverty, diversity, etc. – that makes the award-winning documentary a must-watch film.

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Tallahassee Resources


State of Florida Resources


Children’s Books on Homelessness

Children’s Books on Homelessness

For Teachers

  • Unsheltered Lives Teaching about Homelessness in Grades K-12: An Interdisciplinary Activity Guide
  • Homeless Global Learning Project – Self-paced lesson plans for a variety of high school subjects.
  • Poetry for Home: Homelessness – “Poetry allows us to express the gratitude we feel about home as well as empathize with those who are less secure about their living situation. Poetry invites us to use the sensitivity of language to express some of the emotions surrounding home and homelessness. In these classroom activities, elementary students will use poetry to discuss their feelings about their homes, and middle and high school students will ponder poetry that speaks about eviction and homeless families.”
  • Using Photographs to Teach Social Justice: Exposing Homelessness and Poverty – Middle and High School; Activities will help students analyze and examine the details in a photograph to form a story, as well as think about homelessness and poverty in their community.
  • National Coalition for the Homeless: Homelessness Fact Sheets
  • National Alliance to End Homelessness: Snapshot of homelessness
  • Chastity’s Story: Homelessness – This film module spotlights Chastity’s story and building a support system for students struggling with poverty. Students will investigate how homelessness can be an obstacle to success for some Latino youth, and examine how technology and social media can be powerful tools for raising awareness and sharing information in a dynamic way.

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