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Remembering the Holocaust

Museums and Holocaust Education Centers in Florida

Teacher Resources

PBS Newshour
The following collection is designed to provide teachers with rich and meaningful resources on the Holocaust, engaging lesson plans and information to help students take steps to move forward without forgetting the past. Grades 7-12

History Channel
Collection on the Holocaust, including articles, news clips, speeches, and pictures. Grades 9-12

KACV’s Holocaust Collection
In this educational unit from the KACV’s local perspective on “The War,” students will learn about the Holocaust. The unit includes firsthand video accounts from five veterans, activities, a template for creating presentations and a presentation rubric. Grades 6-12

Holocaust in Plunge
This video from the PBS series The Story of the Jews examines the effects of the brutal occupation of Lithuania by Nazi Germany in 1941 through the lens of a survivor and the last Jew in the town of Plunge, Jakovas Bunka. Bunka was conscripted into the Russian Red Army, but when he returned to Plunge after the war, his family was among the 96% of the town’s population massacred by the Nazis. Today, he carves wood figurines depicting shtetl residents as a memorial to the Holocaust.

Inheritance: Standing Up to Injustice and Cruelty
This lesson plan is designed to be used in conjunction with the film, Inheritance, which illustrates the lasting effects of the Holocaust from the perspectives of both a victim of Nazi war crimes and the child of a perpetrator. Classrooms can use this lesson to explore the responsibility of standing up to injustice and cruelty. Grades 6-12

Echoes and Reflections
Use the following Echoes and Reflections resources to study Kristallnacht with your students.

Florida and National Resources

Holocaust Education Resource Council
The Holocaust Education Resource Council (HERC) is a group that provides the resources for educators, students, and the community. These resources include educational programs and curricula, teacher training, speakers, and a local writing and art contest.

New for 2018, HERC School Outreach Initiative.  Contact HERC and a volunteer educator will schedule a time to go to your school to read The Crayon Box that Talked. The book will be donated to the classroom library and teachers will be given a lesson Plan and activity.  Use the form below to contact HERC or you can email directly using this link or call Barbara Goldstein at 850-443-9649.

The Florida Department of Education: Holocaust Task Force
The Florida Department of Education Holocaust Task Force website serves as a resource to educators teaching Holocaust education.  Within this site you can find helpful classroom resources (aligned with Florida Standards), training manuals, upcoming events and recent news. Elementary, Middle, and High School Resources

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Museum promotes the responsible teaching of the Holocaust through a variety of resources and programs to help the nation’s educators increase their knowledge of Holocaust history and implement sound teaching strategies. Education outreach programs provide teachers with quality Holocaust education, incorporating accurate history, appropriate pedagogy, classroom strategies, and teaching resources. Elementary, Middle, and High School Resources

Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida
The Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida is an organization dedicated to combating anti-Semitism, racism and prejudice with the ultimate goal of developing a moral and just community through its extensive outreach of educational and cultural programs. There are resources for educators and students, as well as monthly teacher training opportunities. Elementary, Middle, and High School Resources

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