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    About SciGirls Camp

    SciGirls Summer Camp is an epic science adventure for middle schoolers who are interested in a journey in STEM fields. The one-week summer experience will ignite their pursuit of a future academic path in STEM as the campers experience a deeper look into the world of MagLab research with opportunities to meet successful female scientists and find their SciGirls STEM path. SciGirls is for those who want to delve into the activity of doing science and take on a STEM adventure.

    Camp Dates and How to Apply

    For up-to-date info on SciGirls Camp, please visit the FSU MagLab’s website. The MagLab currently organizes SciGirls camp dates and registration.

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    STEM Adventures is a kids science series created by WFSU Public Media.

    Each program features Tallahassee-based scientists, current and former SciGirls, as well as fun at-home activities. 

    Learn more about STEM Adventures.

  • SciGirls Media

    SciGirls Discover is an audio series recorded with local girls attending the SciGirls camp. It is hosted by WFSU’s Director of Content and Community Engagement Kim Kelling.

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  • In years past, SciGirls campers traveled to various area sites, engaging in hands-on activities that underscored important science principles. The girls had an opportunity to meet many scientists from the Mag Lab, PBS&J, and other firms and government agencies to learn more about their daily work. They also visited local laboratories and departments at Florida State University, observed an operation at the local animal shelter, collected fossils at a quarry, and participated in engineering activities with the PBS&J engineering firm.

    In July of 2012, SciGirls visited the Florida Center for Interactive Media. Listen to the story by WFSU-FM’s Tom Flanigan.

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    SciGirls Video Channel (2011) – A collection of SciGirls videos, including promos and video footage shot during the camp. Watch the SciGirls interview local scientists, learn about science at Florida State University, uncover fossils at a rock quarry, and visit the Seacrest Wolf Preserve.

    Find out more about SciGirls online at PBS Parents.