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Join WFSU for our third pilot PBS Edcamp!

Registration Required

WFSU will use the afternoon of the ELC Conference as our 3rd pilot of this amazing “un-conference” model.

Immediately following the conference lunch, WFS will take the stage to introduce the experience and collect topics. We organize these topics on the spot to create break-out sessions that will include a conversation starter and note taker. Pre-K teachers – you take the lead, talking and sharing about the things that are most important to you and your students. We will have several break-outs throughout the afternoon as well as a cookie break and a raffle.

In keeping with the Edcamp model, this free afternoon of educator empowerment aims to maximize professional learning experience tailored to your own interests, so we all come out with a deeper understanding of the breadth of work our education community does on all levels and in all areas.

New to Edcamp?

  • Think EXPERIENCE, not EXPERTS: Sessions are facilitated by anyone. Participants are encouraged to speak up during sessions. Open dialogue and a willingness to share, not planned presentations, drive the learning at Edcamps.
  • Edcamps take the form of un-conferences. Participants at the Edcamps determine the session topics, where conversation and collaboration are paramount.
  • The “rule of two feet” empowers participants to find sessions that best meet their needs. If a session doesn’t work for you, we encourage you to find one that does.
  • Edcamps are free. Educators who want to learn and collaborate are welcome, at no expense. We do ask that you please register, and show your ticket upon check in.
  • Educators AND ADMINISTRATORS from any and all backgrounds are invited.
  • You will earn In-Service credits for your time, AND we feed you dinner.

Did you join us for our first Edcamp in November or our 2nd one in March, or are you otherwise familiar with the model? Email Hannah at – we’d love for you to be a Conversation Starter!

We do not have any Edcamps scheduled currently, but please check back for future Edcamp dates and opportunities.

Sample Schedule

  • 1:00pm – Welcome & Edcamp Overview
  • 1:30pm – Session 1
  • 2:15pm – Topic Board for Session 2
  • 2:3opm – Session 2
  • 3:15pm – Topic Board for Session 3
  • 3:30pm – Session 3
  • 4:00pm – Ending Remarks and Raffle

NOTE: Please bring your own device for note taking and sharing on our discussion board.

This ELC conference has a fee for the meals and CEUs, the PBS EdCamp event is always free, so if you are just coming for the EdCamp afternoon please contact Hannah at the email listed above.