Music and the world around us

May 19, 2023

Have you ever watched a movie with the sound off? Have you ever watched an event in person or on television without music? As a kid, my brother and I would watch movies or tv shows with the sound off and try to add our own serious or funny dialogue. It was a lot of wholesome fun. As I grew older, I got involved with band and music and started to see how important words and audio were. Even more so, the music! Later on, I learned that music can affect the world around us! Topics range from establishing an identity and health to even outer space.

Imagine seeing Star Wars, not hearing the incredible score of John Williams or Hans Zimmer’s interpretation of The Batman. A little closer to home, imagine watching Sesame Street, Cyber Chase, Dragon Tales, Mr. Rogers, or Rosie’s Rules without their iconic theme songs or accompanying show themes. These shows are filled with unforgettable lessons and adventures! Without the music, it is almost as if these shows lose a piece of their identity. With music, there are ways to create not just identities from sounds but strong bonds with others.

Music and Bonds


When I first took a band elective in middle school, I had no idea music would have such a lasting effect on my life. Going from elementary to middle school, my friend group all decided, “Hey, wouldn’t it be super cool if we could play in a band while we are in school?” the rest is history. Band was not just something to do in school to take a break from classes. In many ways, it helped give kids a feeling of belonging, identity, and an active community where we could learn and play together. Music class helped steer kids away from negative situations. It even helped kids steer clear of substance abuse and the wrong crowds. For some, it was even a refuge to escape negativity from their home life.

Healthcare and the Stars

Another way music has dramatically impacted people is through the field of medicine. Music has been known to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), cancer, muscular impairment, and even children with mental illnesses. The medical professionals associated with this are known as Music Therapists. These professionals use music and medicine to treat their patients. Check out some of the great things music therapists are doing below.

Someplace we may not have thought to find music is among the stars themselves! We may be far from exploring the physical cosmos, but at the very least, we can listen to what the heavenly bodies have to say. All planets, including stars like the Sun, have their pitches or frequencies that emanate from them. For years composers like Gustav Holst and modern composers have written music influenced by space and the objects that inhabit it.

Whether adding emotion to a scene, healing others, or influencing orbit, music finds a way to enhance everything around us. The most significant part about music is that we all agree that we like some form of it. We may have different interests and tastes, but it allows us to learn more about ourselves and others. When we find a song we all enjoy, it brings us together and opens hidden doors to the hearts and minds of others.

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