Episode Details: Berry Itchy Day/Herring Eggs Or Bust

Molly of Denali

Berry Itchy Day/Herring Eggs Or Bust

Episode #102

Length: 29 minutes

Tooey has agreed to watch the Trading Post while Molly and her family head to their super-secret-berry-picking-spot, but their trip is cut short by a swarm of pesky mosquitos. If only Molly hadn't accidentally swapped the bug spray for dog perfume! A book in the Trading Post has a recipe for repellent made from wild plants. Can Tooey find it before Molly gets all bitten up? / Molly is thrilled when her cousin Randall calls from Sitka to say he's harvesting herring eggs-her absolute favorite food. Randall invites her to visit, but Mom insists Molly come up with 3 good reasons to make the long trip to Sitka by bush plane.

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