Episode Details: Father's Day

Dinosaur Train

Father's Day

Episode #508

Length: 29 minutes

When the Pteranodon Family visits Troodon Town for a big Father's Day celebration, the Conductor sees Mr. Pteranodon enjoying being celebrated, and is compelled to ask his mother whatever happened to his father. She decides that he's ready to learn the truth and tells him the story about how his father was the bravest Conductor of them all and dared to build an experimental Drill Train and tunnel into the future -- she believes to the Cenozoic Era, which no dinosaur had ever seen. Unfortunately, the Conductor's father never returned, and is apparently lost. The Conductor decides to take the new Drill Train and tunnel into the future to rescue his missing father! / The Conductor, determined to find his missing father, takes the experimental Drill Train and drills a new Time Tunnel that goes as far into the end of the Mesozoic Era as possible, to drill farther into the future and find his father, Trevor Troodon. Once Dad and Buddy and Tiny get wind of this plan, they come aboard, too. So they all take the Drill Train and drill into the future. They come out in the Ice Age of the Cenozoic Era, where they meet a huge, furry Mastodon named Maurice. Maurice helps them search through the icy wastes until they find a feather-covered Northern Troodon who turns out to indeed be Trevor, the father of Mr. Conductor! A happy reunion for all, and they bring him home to the Age of Dinosaurs.

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