Episode Details: George Gets Slimed / Seesaw Saturday

Curious George

George Gets Slimed / Seesaw Saturday

Episode #1501

Length: 29 minutes

After George sees that slugs use slime to crawl on walls and ceilings, he wonders if homemade slime would let him hang upside down, too. With high hopes and a recipe for slime that Steve made in school, George and Steve make a great big batch. It doesn't help George stick to the wall, but it sure is neat to play with! So George and Steve embark on experiments to find out what slime is good for. Trying out all of their ideas, both silly and practical, they discover the fun is in the exploration. / George and Allie are excited to discover a beautiful red slanty thing on the Renkins farm, right under the apple tree. It goes up and down on both sides....neat! But what could it be for? A slide for Jumpy? An apple basket holder? After a lot of experimentation and with help from Bill, the goats, and some flying chickens (!), they learn about balance, weight and fun on Allie's seesaw.

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