Episode Details: Locked Out/Bark Suit!

Curious George

Locked Out/Bark Suit!

Episode #1504

Length: 29 minutes

George loves Chef Pisghetti's Meatball Monday, especially when he and The Man with the Yellow Hat eat lunch on their balcony. Back home, they discover George had forgotten to lock their front door and he promises to remember in the future. As they're setting the table on their balcony, George remembers that he left the meatballs in the lobby. He runs to get them and, like a good little monkey, locks the doors behind him. When he returns, George realizes that he's locked himself out of the apartment - and locked his friend out on the balcony! He needs the Doorman's spare key, but the Doorman went out to get meatballs! Won't any key work? With Hundley's help, George dashes around the building and Pisghetti's restaurant borrowing keys - and even making one! Will George learn how keys work in time to rescue his friend before the rain ruins the meatballs - and rescue the meatballs before they are gobbled up by Compass and his hungry pigeon friends?? / George loves exploring the woods. One day, while picking up rocks, sticks and pinecones, George finds a new wonder - a flat red bark beetle! George is also curious about all the bark on the ground and Bill explains that bark protects a tree like a suit of armor - which the tree sheds when it grows out of it. Fascinated, George collects the bark but doesn't see the beetle jump onto his wagon to go along for the ride! Back at home, George discovers the stowaway beetle and resolves to return it to its habitat. But first, why not make a bark suit to protect himself and the bark-loving beetle for the journey? The suit is a success, shielding them both from thorny bushes and wet sprinklers. But it turns out that the suit George cut up to make his armor is the Man with the Yellow Hat's lucky suit he was planning on wearing to the Hollering Contest this evening! Now George must help his friend figure out what his "signature holler" should be!

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