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A closeup ofa leopard Nature - the leopard legacy Premiere date: Wednesday, April 14 at 8:00 pm on 4FSU
Next showtime: Friday, April 23 at 5:00 pm on 4FSU

Follow the story of a leopard mother as she raises her cubs near the Luangwa River, facing a constant battle to hunt successfully, defend her territory and protect her cubs against enemies.

A man and woman running inside a hall Great Performances - romeo and juliet Premiere date: Friday, April 23 at 9:00 pm on WFSU

Experience a contemporary rendering of Shakespeare's romantic tragedy from the National Theatre where a company of actors in a shuttered theater bring to life the timeless tale of two young lovers.

Samantha Brown Samantha Brown's Places To Love Premiere date: Sunday, April 25 at 11:30 am on WFSU

For more than 17 years, TV host Samantha Brown has been exploring all four corners of the world, visiting more than 260 cities in 62 countries, sharing her adventures and introducing new cultures to viewers. Now, the two-time Emmy Award-winner embarks on her next journey with her new travel series SAMANTHA BROWN'S PLACES TO LOVE. Unlike a traditional travelogue show with a formulaic itinerary, PLACES TO LOVE delivers decidedly refreshing and enriching travel experiences by taking viewers on a discovery of the emotional heart of travel and highlighting the people who are changing, challenging and strengthening a destination. From Brooklyn, New York and Monterey, California to Shanghai, China and Donegal in Ireland, Samantha seeks out the little-known spots and haunts where innovators and disrupters are creating a brand new travel experience. Whether it's through food and drink, art and design, culture or adventure, at the end of each episode, viewers will have a well-curated list of new experiences that focus on not just how to visit a destination, but how to fully immerse in it. The 13-part series encourages viewers to experience the passion of people and the soul of a place in a way that only traveling can do. Samantha's career as a television travel host happened by accident. A producer spotted her work in a commercial and recommended her to the Travel Channel in 1999 to audition for a new show called Great Vacation Homes. A decade of various series followed, including Great Hotels, Passport to Europe, Passport to Latin America, Samantha Brown's Asia, The Trip, 50/50, and many others. Samantha's fun-loving style has made her a beloved and engaging television personality whose approach is less expert and more a person you would want to travel with.

Man and woman in an office Atlantic Crossing On Masterpiece - fires spread Premiere date: Sunday, April 25 at 9:00 pm on WFSU

Martha is pressured to exploit her friendship with the president, who defies isolationists to push the Lend-Lease Act. Martha and the children get a surprise Christmas present.

A soldier looking at a man World On Fire On Masterpiece - episode four Premiere date: Sunday, April 25 at 10:00 pm on WFSU

Harry's courage is tested at Louvain, while Kasia's resistance activity in Warsaw intensifies.

Antiques Roadshow treasure box logo Antiques Roadshow - vintage wichita Premiere date: Monday, April 26 at 8:00 pm on WFSU

What are wonderful Wichita treasures from 13 years ago worth today? Discover updated appraisals such as an Edward Onslow Ford bronze, 1962 left-handed Fender Stratocaster and Goldsmith Chandlee surveyor's compass from around 1790. One is now $55,000.

Frontline white text on red background Frontline - the virus that shook the world, part 2 Premiere date: Tuesday, April 27 at 10:00 pm on WFSU

Part two of the epic story of people around the world living through the year of the pandemic. With extensive personal video and local footage, the film shows the differing struggles, beliefs and responses, across cultures, race, faith and privilege.

A large group of people with construction hats on Human: The World Within - react Premiere date: Wednesday, April 28 at 10:00 pm on WFSU

Through the lens of a boxer, a first responder, a cell tower climber and a man with a bionic limb, go deep into the universe of the most powerful machine on earth: the human brain and the vast nervous system it controls.

A shark in hawaii Nature - sharks of hawaii Premiere date: Wednesday, April 21 at 8:00 pm on 4FSU
Next showtime: Friday, April 30 at 5:00 pm on 4FSU

Learn surprising facts about the sharks that call the warm waters near Hawaii's islands their home. Meet the White Tip Reef shark, Whale shark, Tiger shark and more.

Performers on stage International Jazz Day - international jazz day 10th anniversary celebration Premiere date: Friday, April 30 at 9:00 pm on WFSU

A look back at 10 years of historic International Jazz Day concerts featuring dozens of music icons. Watch unforgettable performances by Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Annie Lennox, Hugh Masekela and many more.