Conferences in the age of COVID-19

WFSU Public Media’s Education & Engagement team was thrilled to invite public media stations from across the state to visit about the amazing work that’s been done by the Ready To Learn collaborative during the 2015-2020 grant cycle. The initial plan was to fly station staff from all over Florida into Tallahassee for a three-day in-person conference, but as is the case with many of the year’s ambitions, COVID-19 had a different agenda entirely – so the team did what they do, and adapted.

Thus, RTLcon was invented – a three-day, fully-online, super-engaging Ready To Learn Convention!

RTLCon 2020 Sessions

WFSU RTLCon 2020


Conference Overview

Staff from WGCU in Fort Myers, WEDU in Tampa, WPBT in South Florida, WSRE in Pensacola, WJCT in Jacksonville, and WUCF in Orlando logged on each day to dive into WFSU’s favorite content and curriculum from the realm of Ready To Learn, to share about the amazing work they do every day in their own viewing areas, and to offer advice on ways to further support the communities they serve. Challenges and limitations related to work in informal education in the midst of a public health crisis were shared, and by the end of the conference, so many valuable connections were made!