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How do I activate Passport?
After you received your unique activation code, type it in here, then sign in with your PBS account.

How do I find my activation code?
If you are an active member of WFSU ($60+ annual, or $5 monthly), you should have received your activation code in your thank-you letter. Alternatively, use the Passport Lookup Tool to find your activation code online.

If you are still having trouble, please send an email message to WFSU Member Services at membership@wfsu.org. WFSU Member Services will be able to assist you in getting set up with WFSU Passport.

I have my activation code. Now what?
Enter you activation code on the WFSU Passport activation page and create a PBS account. Use the same email address and password you created for your PBS account to sign in to Passport on your supported devices. You can now begin watching WFSU Passport programs.

I've already activated. Now what?
If you have already activated your WFSU Passport account, click here to sign in.

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If you are not a current member, click here to join. Start using WFSU Passport immediately!