Episode Details: The Town Picnic/The Amazing Expandable Clubhouse

Elinor Wonders Why

The Town Picnic/The Amazing Expandable Clubhouse

Episode #101

Length: 29 minutes

The Town Picnic - It's time for the Animal Town picnic, but Ari is growing impatient waiting for Ms. Llama's famous ketchup, which just won't come out of the bottle. Meanwhile, Elinor and her friends follow a bee to its hive and observe the honey-making process, where they discover that honey is goopier when it has less water in it. Using this new-found knowledge, the kids are inspired to solve M. Llama's ketchup problem by adding water and making it less goopy, just in time for Ari to enjoy his delicious sandwich. Yum! The Amazing Expandable Clubhouse - Elinor, Olive and Ari are happy to welcome new members to The Explorer's Club, but as more and more kids join, a big problem arises: their clubhouse isn't big enough to fit all the new Explorers! When the entire Clubhouse rolls down the hill, Elinor and her friends need to find a solution. After observing their snail friends, Norma and Lulu, they realize that a snail's shell expands as it grows, which gives them the idea to EXPAND their Clubhouse, adding new sections to make it nice and spacious for all to play!

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