Episode Details: The House That Ants Built/Special Places

Elinor Wonders Why

The House That Ants Built/Special Places

Episode #104

Length: 29 minutes

The House That Ants Built - Elinor and her friends are trying to make an awesome couch cushion castle, but they each have their own ideas of how to build it. When they can't seem to share materials, it looks like all hope is lost, until Elinor notices ants walking by her windowsill. Fascinated, the kids follow the ants and notice them co-operating with each other to build the perfect nest. Now they know just what to do. The kids go back inside and now that they're working together, the castle-building is much smoother. They can even move the biggest pillow - together! Special Places - When Ari can't find his favorite ball, he and his friends retrace his footsteps, where they observe a bird with eggs in her nest, then find Mr. Dog burying a toy. Mr. Dog explains he loves to put things away, which is why he buries them and keeps them safe in their "special place." At that moment, Ari suddenly remembers where he left his ball. Elinor and Olive help him find a "special place" to keep it, AFTER they finish playing, of course!

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