Episode Details: Dog in the Fog / Bye, Bye Dragonfly

Hero Elementary

Dog in the Fog / Bye, Bye Dragonfly

Episode #119

Length: 29 minutes

When a little dog gets lost in the fog, it's Sparks' Crew to the rescue! But, this mission isn't so easy in the thick fog. How can they find the dog when they can't even find each other in the fog? Curriculum: During weather events such as fog, observing and adjusting activities can accommodate for the lack of visibility. / When AJ's Dragonfly Drone flies away on its own, Sparks' Crew sets off on a mission to catch it. How can they use clues from nature to help catch this runaway drone? Curriculum: By observing a spider's use of a web to catch prey, the same strategy can be applied to solve human problems.

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