Episode Details: Family Album

Sesame Street

Family Album

Episode #5314

Length: 29 minutes

Gabrielle and Tamir are making a family photo album for Grandma Nell's birthday present. When a gust of wind blows four of their pictures away, Gabrielle, Tamir, Elmo and Abby go on a photo hunt to find the missing pictures. They head off to Abby's Garden and find a photo of Tamir's mom when she was a kid. She has the same skin color as Tamir. Two more photos are found in the arbor. One is of Tamir and his cousin, who has darker skin than Tamir and the other photo is of Gabrielle and her dad, who has lighter skin than Gabrielle. They find the last missing photo of Grandma Nell with Tamir, Gabrielle and their cousin. During their photo hunt, they learn about melanin and that sometimes people in a family can look the same and sometimes they can look different but are still the same family.

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