Voices that Inspire

WFSU Public Media is launching "Voices that Inspire" and we want to hear from some of our most inspirational voices — you!

This is your chance to share your thoughts with our listening audience. Our focus is on our community. Maybe you find inspiration from your morning run, reading a great book, kayaking on the Wakulla, or a teacher that made a difference in your life.

A new two-minute spot will air each Thursday beginning at 7:31A, repeating at 2:04P, 7:04P and Saturday and Sunday at 9:38A.

To listen to the extended versions of Voices that Inspire, please visit For more information, contact Kim Kelling at 850-645-6056 or

A smiling woman in a black sweater stands outside in front of shrubbery.
Kim Galban-Countryman - The residents inspire me.

Featured week of February 01, 2024

A man in a grey hoodie stands in front of shrubbery.
Brian Pensky - All sports evolve, so we must evolve.

Featured week of January 25, 2024

A smiling woman stands outside in front of a red brick wall.
Candace McKibben - Life is a gift.

Featured week of December 28, 2023

A smiling woman in a dark blazer stares forward.
Michelle Mitcham - Be limitless.

Featured week of November 16, 2023

A smiling man in a blue and white checkered shirt smiles.
Mark Zeigler - Make it better while you’re here.

Featured week of November 09, 2023

A smiling man in a dark jacket stands outside.
Aaron Tillman - There’s more than meets the eye.

Featured week of October 26, 2023

A smiling man in a grey suit sits in front of  a dark background.
Mutaqee Akbar - There’s still work to do in the system.

Featured week of September 21, 2023

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