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Voices that Inspire

WFSU Public Media is launching "Voices that Inspire" and we want to hear from some of our most inspirational voices — you!

This is your chance to share your thoughts with our listening audience. Our focus is on our community. Maybe you find inspiration from your morning run, reading a great book, kayaking on the Wakulla, or a teacher that made a difference in your life.

A new two-minute spot will air each Thursday beginning at 7:31A, repeating at 2:04P, 7:04P and Saturday and Sunday at 9:38A.

To listen to the extended versions of Voices that Inspire, please visit For more information, contact Kim Kelling at 850-645-6056 or

woman in blue, wearing glasses, smiling
Miaisha Mitchell - The Value of Relationships

Featured week of February 28, 2019

Gina with green sweater and leopard print scarf, smiling
Gina Kinchlow - Light the Fire

Featured week of February 21, 2019

Nikhil Rajan at WFSU
Nikhil Rajan - Family, Food, and Travel

Featured week of January 31, 2019

Warren Cave wearing headphones and smiling at the camera
Warren Cave - Life Changer

Featured week of January 23, 2019

Dale White at WFSU wearing a blue shirt with a collar
Dale White - Pathway to Build a Purposeful Life

Featured week of December 19, 2018

Christic at WFSU
Christic Henry - My Passion for Community

Featured week of December 13, 2018

Rigsby Jones wearing headphones and smiling towards the camera.
Rigsby Jones - Stay With It Until You Get It

Featured week of December 06, 2018

Barbara Goldstein smiling facing the camera
Barbara Goldstein - Becoming Better at Understanding

Featured week of November 29, 2018

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